Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wowie! It has been one crazy week! We started our teacher meetings last Friday and had more meetings Monday. Monday night was our Back to School Night, where I got to meet all my wonderful children, and Tuesday was our first day of school. I was overwhelmed with 30 wonderful children! Our school is one of the choice schools for those that didn't make AYP in our district and in the two weeks before school started, I think we gained about 8 first graders between our 2 classes.

We spent the first few days wondering if we were going to get another section and were told on Thursday that we wouldn't. We'd each be getting a paraprofessional instead. So, I had our WONDERFUL custodian switch out my tables for desks. 30 children was just TOO crowded at my tables. Then, Thursday evening, we were told we actually WERE getting another section. Oh well! Desks it is! I didn't want to make that wonderful man move all those desks back out. So, he's only moving out 10! Tomorrow, I will only have 20 students! It's so exciting!

So, now I get to really start getting to know my children and helping them get to know each other. It was so hard to build community when I didn't know if we were going to be staying together or not. What's your favorite community building activity?

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