Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow begins day 1

Tomorrow will be the first day I work in my classroom this summer.  I am a little stressed that I only have 2 weeks to do everything, but I have enjoyed my summer and spending time with my husband and children.  My goal for tomorrow is to get all of the furniture arranged.  I've been struggling with this part all summer.  Using a wonderful (FREE) program called Sweet Home 3D, I've virtually moved the furniture around about 80 different times.  I've finally settled on this arrangement: 

The area at the top will be the library area and the other carpet area will be our meeting area.  We'll see if it actually stays this way once We start moving stuff around.  I'll post pictures soon.  

It's supposed to be 99 degrees tomorrow with a heat index of around 110.  Here's praying I don't melt! 


Mrs. Crawford said...

I will be in my room for the first day too! It is our "Beat The Heat" Night, however as you said about the temps I don't think that is going to happen!

The English Family said...

It looks great Rachael! I love your page! I will come visit you but I maybe melted goo!

Korine said...

Have fun! With the classroom - with the blog. Both are adventures!